Bladder Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer is among the top five killer diseases all over the world. As a result of this statistic, health organizations have come up with prevention tips. This is to for early detection and complete prevention. Health care providers highly recommend that you regularly attend medical checks, whereby your doctor will carefully examine you to check [...]

Bladder Cancer Home Remedies

Home remedy treatments for bladder cancer is a safe and effective option as the supplements used don’t contain the harmful chemicals which usually results in diverse side effects. The success of this type of treatment will depend on a number of factors such as the extent of the growth; this is because during the early [...]

Bladder Cancer Homeopathic Treatment

Bladder cancer has various treatment options and besides the modern clinical ones, we also have homemade natural remedies that aid in fighting the cancer cells in the bladder. This organ has major function in the human body as it helps in storing urine which comes from the kidneys. Bladder cancer affects the lining of the [...]

Prognosis for Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a very deadly disease and it is important that you undergo medical check ups to determine the state of your health. Prognosis involves a lot of factors and it is the possible outcome from treatment from the time of diagnosis to the time of healing. This is done so that measures can [...]

Superficial Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer affects the bladder and we have different types which are determined by the area of concentration of the cancer cells. The bladder functions by storing urine from the kidneys and it is a very important organ in the body. Superficial bladder cancer occurs when the cancer cells have not spread to the muscles [...]

Metastatic Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer does not show visible signs during the early stages and due to this many people are diagnosed with the disease during the advance stages. This finds when the tumor cells have multiplied and spread to other vital organs. The survival rate during the late stages is very low at 15percent. Treatments options available [...]

Treatment For Bladder Cancer

It is highly recommended that you attend a regular medical checkup which is beneficial in detecting the existence of cancer cells in the body. Bladder cancer affects the bladder by multiplying and spreading to other body organs such as the lungs, bones, liver and lymph nodes. During the early stages, it is contained in the [...]

Bladder Cancer Symptoms In Men

Bladder cancer is common in men than women and it affects the bladder which main function is to store urine. It is caused by the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells in the lining of the bladder. When control is not taken through treatments, the cells will spread to other organs in the body and [...]

Gall Bladder Cancer

Gall bladder cancer is affecting many people all over the world and it is important to have some basic knowledge about the disease in cases where you have a higher risk of getting it. The gall bladder is a small organ that is responsible for storing of bile which comes from the liver. Its main [...]

Bladder Cancer in Dogs

Even though bladder cancer affects humans, there have been cases of dogs developing bladder cancer. The statistics indicate that this type of cancer is rapidly growing among dogs and it has a number of causes such as environmental condition and especially if the dogs live in places with high levels of pesticides, genetics. Symptoms The [...]